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Adventures in Town

Keep on the Shadowfell Session One!  (Expanded)

Mark's character (I don't know the names yet, sorry.  I will be a better GM in the future, I suppose) decided to break into the tower and "steal" all of Valtrun's stuff.  When he ran into him in town, he returned the things, caliming that he was merely protecting them from harm.  All I can say is that Valthrun from now on will probably have better security on his tower doors and windows.

The party found out information about the kobolds, and decided to take a job at 20 gold per person to eradicate the kobolds.  Will they set out next time to kill all of the kobolds in the kobold camp?

They also soothed a crying woman, taking note that her husband had gone missing on the search for a dragon graveyard.  Will they head out to search for the missing adventurer?

The keep in the distance was also mentioned, but fairly ignored.  Not going there anytime soon!

Yeah, I'm a sucky GM maybe, but still, since it's KEEP on the Shadowfell, I can only assume eventually they will take notice and go there.. muhahaha!



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