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Kaenor's letter home

Dear Father,

I hope you’re not still angry about that little incident. I wanted to let you know that I am doing quite well and have even found some friends! We met along the road a few evenings ago mere moments before a group of kobolds attempted to assault us. We fought them back, killing them before heading into the small village that they had been terrorizing. I went to see the local wizard, but he wasn’t home. After I grew concerned, I decided to unlock his home and see if he had been injured… luckily, it seems, the man had merely step out for an evening on the town and had accidentally locked the door behind him. I suppose he wasn’t expecting me, but I digest. Anyway, me and my friends were hired to put an end to the threat of kobold bandits in the area and we also discovered a secret cult of guys worshipping some demon or another. Not certain, but I saw their symbol and my dwarf friend said something about them being evil or some such. Anyway, we saved some poor guy from being sacraficed and he had a pretty little trinket but one of my friends insisted on keeping it. I guess if he takes good care of it than he should be allowed to keep it or something… still, I’d like a pretty trinket of my own. Anyway, I won’t be here much longer but I thought you’d like to here that I’m safe and sound.

-your son, Kaenor.



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