Robbie runs D&D 4E

Kobold Ambush and Dragon Burial Site

Session Two 

We were missing a player, but the others worked even harder to get the job done.

The players discuss things in town, purchase supplies, and set out for the dragon burial site to try to find the missing man.

When they leave town, they are ambushed by kobolds.  The kobolds seem stronger this time, as if the first kobolds were really just an advance party, and these kobolds purposely set out to ambush them in retailiation for the lost lives of their comrades.

The players fight and defeat a kobold skirmisher, a couple of kobold dragonshields, and a wyrmpriest.  They find a necklace on the wyrmpriest, on which dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian.  On the bottom of the figure is etched an outline of a skull with ram's horns.  (An abstract representation of the demon lord Orcus.)

They then move unaccosted to the dragon burial site where they find a group of workers digging.  Upon arrival the rogue (mark) starts talking to the seeming leader of the diggers, a gnome named Agrid.  He holds up the necklace as proof of being sent to check on the diggers, and finds out that they have been sent by Kalarel to dig up a relic, and they have just unearthed the mirror in question.  The rogue then unwisely suggests that he is going to go tell kalarel that he has found the mirror, and take all the credit for the find, so the party is attacked by the four human diggers, a halfling slinger, and two guard drakes.  After killing the others, Agrid enters the fight and is eventually killed, allowing the party to take control of the mirror.  Some looting of bodies occurs, until the paladin (jeff) remembers to find the missing man, and complete a major quest. 

The man, Douven Staul, gives the party his +1 Amulet of Health, and goes back to town to find his wife.  The party rejoices and also returns to town to find thier missing party member and restock.



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