Robbie runs D&D 4E

We found Kobolds!

Keep on the Shadowfell Session One! 

The players introduced themselves.  Then they fought kobolds.  Then they went to town.

It was amusing, because the minions went down really quickly, while the dragonshields and the slinger were a much harder battle.  I don't think I played them right, because we were learning the rules, and the ranged of 10, I somehow assumed meant 10 feet (2 squares), not 10 squares. They would have been in a much bigger world of hurt had I realized.  But I am on a learning curve.  Next session will be more dangerous, I suspect. 

Anyhow, there was a big discussion about how the kobolds seemed to have as many hitpoints as the party members, so they took to counting how many it took to kill the creatures.  That made me laugh.  I think maybe the kobolds had more hitpoints than some of my characters.   

More later.



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