Stupid Tiefling Rogue


Race: Tiefling / Class: Rogue / Ht. 5’10" / Weight 175 / Align: Good / Deity: none

Str: 14
Con: 10
Dex: 15
Int: 7
Wis: 13
Char: 16

AC: 17 / fort: 12 / Ref: 15 / Will: 13 / Init: +3 / Passive insight: 13 / Perc> 13

Hit Points: 22

Favored Weapons:




Acrobatics: 8
Athletics: 7
Bluff: 10
Perception: 6
Stealth: 10
Thievery: 8

Class / Path / Destiny Features:

First Strike
Rogue Tactics (Artful Dodger)
Rogue Weapon
Sneak Attack


At-Will Powers

Piercing Strike
Sly Flourish

Encounter Powers

Infernal Wrath
Positioning Strike

Daily Powers

Trick Strike


The young son of a Tiefling Warlock, Kaenor Theurnos didn’t have a close relationship with his father. Often distracted during his lessons, the young boy grew up as the butt of his siblings jokes and the runt of the litter showed virtually no talent in the magic of his bloodline. Dismissed as “Useless”, the young Kaenor was virtually ignored throughout his adolescence. Some might have viewed this as his “opportunity” to learn a different set of talents, but Kaenor didn’t truly understand the right or the wrong of his activities. Getting past locked doors? Obviously he wasn’t important enough to gaurd against, so he didn’t really count as an intruder… did he? Of course not! And he’s certain that, if he had remembered to ask, virtually anyone would have given him their permission to use their most valued possessions… why bother them with such an unimportant question, though? Well, his father did find out about his borrowing that last trinket… and he seemed quite angry. So, rather than make both his father and himself uncomfortable, Kaenor decided it would be best to take a short trip and give the patriarch time to cool down. On second thought, make that a long trip.

Personality Traits:

Absent Minded, Playful, unconventional.


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