Bairwin Wildarson


Bairwin Wildarson traveled the world, or so he claims, before setting up shop in Winterhaven ten years ago.  He has a variety of items for sale in his shop.  He occassionally has magic items, and a couple of potions of healing available in the shop.

For sale:

Ammunition (30 Arrows, 1G) (20 Crossbow Bolts, 1G) (20 Sling Bullets, 1G)

Amulet of Protection (+1 Fortitude, Reflex, Will), 360G

Burglar's Gloves (+1 Thievery), 360G

Candle, 1C

Everburning Torch, 50G 

Lantern, 7G

Potion of Healing, 50G

Ritual Book, 50G

Spellbook, 50G

Torch, 1S 

Two Sunrods, 4G


Kobolds: "You met our kobolds, I see.  No, no, not ours really, buth they have made it a habit to harass travelers on the old king's road.  And yes, what was once a minor annoyance, has now become a major threat to the commerce of the village.  Fewer and fewer travelers come our way these days, and even I have a harder and harder time keeping my shop stocked with the finest goods.  I remember a trip I made to distant Clovermarsh many years ago.  The place was crawling with kobolds because the people of the area refused to drive them away.  I wonder how long before the kobolds become brave enough to strike the village itself?        


Bairwin Wildarson

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