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Kobold Lair

Sessions Three and Four

Sessions three and four are combined here for easy of reading.  The party completed the outside of the kobold lair the first week, and the inside of the kobold lair the following week.

We have a new player (Quentin 12 years old)  He's playing a half-elf warrior.  He's pretty good actually, although we learned during session four that he really likes shiny treasure even if it means he is going to let the rest of his party die, but to that next..

The party went to town again at the end of the previous session, and they found another adventurer interested in helping to kill all the kobolds.  This warrior so impressed Lord Padrig that he wheeled and dealed for 25 gold for his part in dispatching kobolds.

The townfolk seem different this time, more spooked, a little scared, a few of the villigers talk about feeling as though someone is walking over their graves.  It seems that Valthrun has done some research, and discovered that the keep used to be used to keep watch over a rift that connected to the sanctuary of the demon lord Orcus.

While at the inn, they notice they cannot find Ninaran anywhere.

They set out for the Kobold lair, and find no kobolds laying in wait along the road.  When they arrive at the kobold lair they spy about a dozen kobolds going about their daily business, and guarding the entrance to the kobold lair.  The ten kobold minions, kobold skirmisher, dragonshield, and slinger give the party a run for their money, and then much to my chagrin, are all killed.

The party wanders about the forest for a while, until the Paladin (Jeff again) decides to look for this hidden kobold lair.  He sets out in the wrong direction, and is attacked by two returning kobold slingers, who shoot rocks at the party until they too have been killed.  The ranger then decides to use his tracking ability, and he and the rogue sneak into the kobold lair.

We break for a week.  Everyone shows up, so we continue.    

The rogue and the ranger kill about four of the kobolds they come across while stealthing, and draw all the kobolds to the entrance of the cave.  The rest of the party finally makes it into the cave, and they proceed to fight very diligently, killing four kobold skirmishers, ten kobold minions, two kobold dragonshields, a kobold wyrmpriest, and Irontooth (a goblin). 

Many of the party members are seriously hurt, but in the end they pull together and kill Irontooth.  As he dies, he cries out "Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!"

A scroll is found on Irontooth, as well as a suit of chain in his treasure pile. 

My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors in the area.  It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I'll completely open the rift.  Then Winterhaven's people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding.

The party returns to town to sell off loot and restock. 

(A few of them also level-those who were there to complete the saving of Douven)

Kaenor's letter home

Dear Father,

I hope you’re not still angry about that little incident. I wanted to let you know that I am doing quite well and have even found some friends! We met along the road a few evenings ago mere moments before a group of kobolds attempted to assault us. We fought them back, killing them before heading into the small village that they had been terrorizing. I went to see the local wizard, but he wasn’t home. After I grew concerned, I decided to unlock his home and see if he had been injured… luckily, it seems, the man had merely step out for an evening on the town and had accidentally locked the door behind him. I suppose he wasn’t expecting me, but I digest. Anyway, me and my friends were hired to put an end to the threat of kobold bandits in the area and we also discovered a secret cult of guys worshipping some demon or another. Not certain, but I saw their symbol and my dwarf friend said something about them being evil or some such. Anyway, we saved some poor guy from being sacraficed and he had a pretty little trinket but one of my friends insisted on keeping it. I guess if he takes good care of it than he should be allowed to keep it or something… still, I’d like a pretty trinket of my own. Anyway, I won’t be here much longer but I thought you’d like to here that I’m safe and sound.

-your son, Kaenor.

Kobold Ambush and Dragon Burial Site

Session Two 

We were missing a player, but the others worked even harder to get the job done.

The players discuss things in town, purchase supplies, and set out for the dragon burial site to try to find the missing man.

When they leave town, they are ambushed by kobolds.  The kobolds seem stronger this time, as if the first kobolds were really just an advance party, and these kobolds purposely set out to ambush them in retailiation for the lost lives of their comrades.

The players fight and defeat a kobold skirmisher, a couple of kobold dragonshields, and a wyrmpriest.  They find a necklace on the wyrmpriest, on which dangles a dragon figurine carved of obsidian.  On the bottom of the figure is etched an outline of a skull with ram's horns.  (An abstract representation of the demon lord Orcus.)

They then move unaccosted to the dragon burial site where they find a group of workers digging.  Upon arrival the rogue (mark) starts talking to the seeming leader of the diggers, a gnome named Agrid.  He holds up the necklace as proof of being sent to check on the diggers, and finds out that they have been sent by Kalarel to dig up a relic, and they have just unearthed the mirror in question.  The rogue then unwisely suggests that he is going to go tell kalarel that he has found the mirror, and take all the credit for the find, so the party is attacked by the four human diggers, a halfling slinger, and two guard drakes.  After killing the others, Agrid enters the fight and is eventually killed, allowing the party to take control of the mirror.  Some looting of bodies occurs, until the paladin (jeff) remembers to find the missing man, and complete a major quest. 

The man, Douven Staul, gives the party his +1 Amulet of Health, and goes back to town to find his wife.  The party rejoices and also returns to town to find thier missing party member and restock.

Adventures in Town

Keep on the Shadowfell Session One!  (Expanded)

Mark's character (I don't know the names yet, sorry.  I will be a better GM in the future, I suppose) decided to break into the tower and "steal" all of Valtrun's stuff.  When he ran into him in town, he returned the things, caliming that he was merely protecting them from harm.  All I can say is that Valthrun from now on will probably have better security on his tower doors and windows.

The party found out information about the kobolds, and decided to take a job at 20 gold per person to eradicate the kobolds.  Will they set out next time to kill all of the kobolds in the kobold camp?

They also soothed a crying woman, taking note that her husband had gone missing on the search for a dragon graveyard.  Will they head out to search for the missing adventurer?

The keep in the distance was also mentioned, but fairly ignored.  Not going there anytime soon!

Yeah, I'm a sucky GM maybe, but still, since it's KEEP on the Shadowfell, I can only assume eventually they will take notice and go there.. muhahaha!

We found Kobolds!

Keep on the Shadowfell Session One! 

The players introduced themselves.  Then they fought kobolds.  Then they went to town.

It was amusing, because the minions went down really quickly, while the dragonshields and the slinger were a much harder battle.  I don't think I played them right, because we were learning the rules, and the ranged of 10, I somehow assumed meant 10 feet (2 squares), not 10 squares. They would have been in a much bigger world of hurt had I realized.  But I am on a learning curve.  Next session will be more dangerous, I suspect. 

Anyhow, there was a big discussion about how the kobolds seemed to have as many hitpoints as the party members, so they took to counting how many it took to kill the creatures.  That made me laugh.  I think maybe the kobolds had more hitpoints than some of my characters.   

More later.


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